All interested people should make first contact with the Association by phoning Dave Charman on 0407 810 654 or emailing After being introduced and welcomed to our Association we will give you further information and answer any questions.

Those interested in becoming a Referee do so in three stages.

  1. Undertake a Community Referee E-Learning Module
  2. Attend a Community Referee 6-12 Year Referee Workshop
  3. Gain an Accreditation and Assessment by a Referee Coach.

There are three Community Referee E-Learning Modules to referee different levels of Rugby League

  • 6-12 Years Community Referee E-Learning Modules (minimum age 13 years)
  • 13-15 Years Community Referee E-Learning Modules (minimum age 14 years)
  • 16+ Years Community Referee E-Learning Modules (minimum age 17 years)

Our Association advises that all three E-Learning Modules should be completed when the candidate reaches the minimum age for each so that they can referee all grades. They only have to attend one Workshop. Actual appointment to games will be based on the competency of the individual.

The NRL will be replacing all the old Accreditations – Foundation 1, Foundation 2 and replacing them with the three above over the next 12 months.

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