The Association’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 February 2020 at 6.30pm at Raiders Belconnen club, Hardwick Crescent, Holt.  All members are welcome.

The positions listed below are to be filled for 2020. Please find Nomination Forms for NSWRLRA delegate here NominationForm_Elected_2_2020, all other elected position here NominationForm_Elected_2020 and appointed positions here NominationForm_Appointed_2020. Closing date to Nominate for all positions (except NSWRLRA Delegate) is 30th January with the Executive Officer. Nominations for Director & Deputy Director of Referees must also include a Business Plan.

Elected Positions
• Chairman
• Executive Officer
• Director Finance
• Director Marketing & Member Services
• Director Executive Support
• Member CRRL Board
• General Board Member
• Delegate NSWRLRA

Appointed Positions
• Director of Referees
• Deputy Director of Referees
• Director Recruitment & Retention
• Director, Operations