From June 2015

Minimum player numbers

Please note there is a minimum number of players required on the field to continue a game of football. If the number of players drop below these thresholds, then the game must cease. The only exception is where there are temporary absences- in mini/mod footy if a player is injured they have three minutes to return to the field, or if they are ‘replaced’ for the half/period due to misconduct.  In international football, if a player is sin binned. In the Canberra Region Rugby League Competition rules these are:

  • Mini (U6-U8)                                                    6
  • Mod (U9-U11)                                                 8
  • Mod (U12)                                                      11
  • Junior International (U13-16)                      10
  • Senior International (U18-A grade)             9

In the non-competitive age groups (U6-U9), only after a forfeit is declared, a friendly trial game can be played made up using players of one team side to make up shortages  on the other team.